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Is AGI Grow free to use?
Yes. AGI Grow is 100% free.
Will AGI Grow be available in the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store?
AGI GROW is a web-based app and you can access through any browser, whether mobile, desktop, or tablet.
Can I use AGI Grow on any device?
AGI Grow can be used within a browser on any desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.
Which browsers are recommended for AGI Grow?
Any browser will work, but for best results, we recommend ensuring your browser version is up to date.
What happens with my data? Do I still own it? Who can see it?
Your data is completely safe with us. You still own your data and it can be accessed/viewed only by you, unless you share it with others. You can read more about your rights, and how secure your data is in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Why did you make this AGI Grow app?
We created this app at AGI so that Producers have access to technology that can improve their operations and farms. Its completely free. There is no ‘catch’. The data belongs to the Producers and we don’t sell it. AGI Grow is about helping Producers be more successful. Their success will be our success because Producers will see this as another way that AGI has got them covered.
Are more features coming?
Yes. We are hard at work developing exciting new features and ways to improve this app and add greater functionality to the user. If you have suggestions, please contact us at:
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